Your Preferred Salesforce partner

Salesforce is one of the world's largest tech stacks. They provide unique opportunities for creating integrated and personalized communication, closer customer relations and more sales. At Adapt, we are Salesforce specialists and one of few Salesforce partners. We can advise and help you create better customer experiences through the use of Salesforce's many services.

What can Salesforce do for you?

For 12 years running, Gartner has named Salesforce as the leading visionary company when it comes to helping businesses improve their use of data. Salesforce offers a wide range of services that support everything from sales and marketing to customer service, ecommerce, and business analysis. Salesforce collects customer data from several different channels into one system - a system that can provide better and more seamless user experiences, marketing automation and personalized communication.

The average Salesforce
costumer achieves:

  • +37% greater revenue
  • +37% increased sales
  • +43% more lead conversions
  • +44% improved productivity in sales
  • +48% more accuracy in sales forecast

What do you get from 
a Salesforce partnership 
with Adapt?

Our mission is – and has always been; ‘users first’. We know how important it is to understand the users’ challenges and find new ways in which we can create value and better user experiences. That is why we have chosen to collaborate with one of the best within the field of user-centered platforms. We make sure you gain the full potential of Salesforce's marketing platforms and CRM systems. With the right implementation you can get a clearer understanding of current and potential customers and strengthen sales, customer relationships, and the overall collaboration in your company.

Want to know more about
 Salesforce partnership

We provide consulting and tangible strategies for Salesforce - and we can help you with a successful implementation of the user-centered platform. Contact us if you want to know more about how we can help create value for you and your customers.

Learn more about the untapped potential for businesses

The ability to keep the data in one place will be a crucial factor in the future competitiveness of businesses and their ability to grow. Which makes the right tools to help exploit the data-potential crucial.

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