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Front-end Performance Optimization and Why It’s Important

You can browse a lot of data (movies, series and descriptions) through mouse clicks, swipes, presses and gestures, and you are most likely not even thinking about how fast and easy this usually is - until it’s not. You are likely to only experience negative feelings, like annoyance and impatience, when the experience is NOT fast and easy, as we are all so used to modern digital services being fast.

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Ecommerce: Tips & tricks to get you ready for Black Friday and X-mas

Q3 and Q4 are often the most critical times of the year when it comes to ecommerce and retail sales. That’s why most retailers have already begun to prepare for phenomena such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In this article, we will share some strategies we are currently implementing for ecommerce brands we’re working with.

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iOS & Android: Optimize your App Marketing with these new features

The new features were presented just before the summer, and will - as always - be released during the fall. Apple has just announced that the new features will be available on September 15th. In this post, we will dive into how you can create more value for both company and user with the new features.

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The Untapped Potential for Businesses

One of the big questions businesses should be asking themselves is; can we stay competitive without an omnichannel platform? The short answer is no. A slightly longer answer is: probably not. The ability to keep the data in one place will be a crucial factor in the future competitiveness of businesses and their ability to grow, which makes the right tools to help exploit the data-potential crucial.

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Your Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the field that deals with optimizing searchability and downloading conversions for apps. This is similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As with websites, experience shows that it is seldom enough to release an app and then expect the users to find it on their own. This blog will highlight some strategies you can utilize to see ASO impact.

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Your Guide to Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is a joint effort and many different parties influence how the overall user experience is expressed. We've made a guide to how you can help increase the availability of your site and why it's important.

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Can Gatsby Replace Your CMS? Part 2

Part 2 of the Gatsby series... GatsbyJS is quickly gaining momentum in the web industry. But how does it fit into the landscape of the traditional CMS? In this series, we will explore the trade offs between a decoupled Gatsby site and a traditional, monolithic CMS such as Drupal or Wordpress.

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Can Gatsby Replace Your CMS? Part 1

GatsbyJS is quickly gaining momentum in the web industry. But how does it fit into the landscape of the traditional CMS? In this series we will explore the trade offs between a decoupled Gatsby site and a traditional, monolithic CMS such as Drupal or Wordpress.

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NuoDB: The Database to Build Your Future On

NuoDB, a database software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, came to Adapt to help them migrate and redesign their Drupal website. Together, we launched a new site with updated branding and a focus on conversion.

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How to manage SEM & SEO during challenging times?

COVID-19 has made businesses wonder whether to pull back some of the marketing initiatives or do more online in the months to come. We picked SEO expert, Mia Andersson, and PPC expert, Anders Leds, brains to find out how they plan to manage and consult their ecommerce clients.

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6 Reasons Why Web Accessibility is Good for Business

There are many advantages to making solutions with high web accessibility. Here, we’ll give you 6 reasons why web accessibility creates value for your business:

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Why Web Accessibility is So Important

Web accessibility is, in its bare essence, about creating digital solutions, digital design and content that can be used by all people on the web regardless of cognitive or motor skills. Learn more about why accessibility is important for your business.

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Making. Shopping. Better.

Retailers that understand how to combine their physical stores with digital solutions, are going to win the retail-battle. A bold statement maybe, but what exactly is it technology can do in the physical stores?

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Context is Vital When You Work with Instore Concepts

UX designers always think about the user's journey into the digital solutions. This also applies to Instore concepts. Interaction with a digital installation in a public space has some social consequences that are important to take into account...

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Why Marketing Automation is So Much More Than Emails

When thinking about marketing automation, email flows are probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, marketing automation is so much more than just smart email campaigns. I have gathered three examples of various marketing automations where we have helped brands put their data to work.

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Five Reasons Why Self-service Can Improve the Customer Experience

Self-service platforms are interfaces allowing us to produce a service independent of direct customer service involvement. They have increasingly become a part of our lives – often without us even thinking about it. I’ll give you five reasons why a self-service platform can benefit your users, as well as your business.

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