NuoDB: The Database to Build Your Future On

NuoDB, a database software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, came to Adapt to help them not only migrate their website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, but also clean up the style and functionality of their website. Together, NuoDB and Adapt launched a new site with updated branding and a focus on conversion.


NuoDB had just completed a brand rejuvenation project and was looking to showcase their new positioning, messaging, and styling on an updated website.


To kick off the NuoDB project, designers from the Adapt HQ in Denmark flew over to meet the team in Cambridge. During the full day workshops, the Adapt and NuoDB teams worked together to define website goals, brainstorm layouts, and talk through user flows. To ensure everyone was on the same page before traveling back to Denmark, the designers came back to the boardroom the next day with wireframes for NuoDB to review! Fortunately, the mocks created required few edits and the designers were ready to pass their work off to development.

NuoDB selected Pantheon, a leading WebOps platform, to host their Drupal site. After experiencing sporadic outages with a former hosting provider, NuoDB made the switch to Pantheon to ensure optimized site performance and stability. For developers, Pantheon not only provides a collaborative platform to make updates easily, but also keeps the site secure with managed certificates. As NuoDB grows, Pantheon will scale with it to provide the best web experience for their visitors.


Database software is not the most visual thing out there, so we utilized organic shapes and illustrations across the site to help. To make such an abstract technology feel more tangible, we used illustrations as hero images to highlight the key benefits of NuoDB — availability, scalability, and flexibility.


Conversion was important to the NuoDB team, so we focused heavily on their free Community Edition (CE) throughout the project. How will the prospect access the CE software? What will the marketing automation flows look like after they convert? By reviewing all the ways a prospect could find and access NuoDB CE, we came up with a process to collect the most conversions and set up personalized flows to help the users get started.


Adapt and NuoDB worked together to create a modernized site that drives conversion. Through close collaboration, and a global pandemic, we successfully launched a site that showcases what NuoDB can do.

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