The Untapped Potential for Businesses

One of the big questions businesses should be asking themselves is; can we stay competitive without an omnichannel platform? The short answer is no. A slightly longer answer is: probably not.

In my opinion, it is simply because of the fact, that the ability to keep the data in one place will be a crucial factor in the future competitiveness of businesses and their ability to grow. Which makes using the right tools to help exploit the data-potential crucial.

One Integrated Platform

We are seeing an increasing number of big brands turn to omnichannel platforms. They have assembled their entire digital presence - more or less - on the same platform, simply to gather their data in one place, and utilize the potential of having a much more complete image of their customers. And that's something we're going to see much more of.

Year after year, customers’ expectations for services increase, which means that companies demand more from their software and the handling of data. But most companies do not utilize the enormous potential of using data to anticipate customer needs. Sure, we’re experiencing an increase in companies that have begun to work with personalization – but the vast majority of them do so through tools that do not work together. This makes it difficult to get the full picture of the customer and even harder to ensure integrated communication across channels. And that's exactly where omnichannel platforms like Salesforce can help.


Salesforce is not just an information-handling system. It’s a platform that integrates all of the digital tools you can use to enhance and shape your customers' experience. It integrates, among other things, sales, service, and e-commerce and all the data behind. With all the data in one place, you get a comprehensive overview of new and returning customers, to create seamless user experiences and targeted and personalized communication.


Let me give you an example of how businesses can exploit their full potential with an omnichannel platform like Salesforce. The traditional travel agency usually has a front page where they show the most popular trips, right? The trips will be the same no matter who goes in and looks at them, and whether it's a person who's been on the website before. It is ‘generic’ and the user does not get any special help - and is basically on his, or her, own.

A travel agency that uses Salesforce has completely different options. Once a person has visited their website and shown interest in a trip, Salesforce begins to tailor content to them. When they leave the site, they continue to get relevant messages in emails and on banners, based on the trip they were looking at. With Salesforce, you can personalize the communication to the customers - right down to a welcome text message they receive when they arrive at their destination, and the check-out email asking if they had a good trip. Through Salesforce marketing automation, relevant emails can be sent the following year when the customers next trip is to be booked, ensuring direct and personal communication.

Your Preferred Salesforce Partner

We have entered into a strategic partnership with the world's leading omnichannel platform: Salesforce. Salesforce has been named by Gartner as the most visionary company to help large enterprise companies improve their use of data.

In order to create good user experiences, it makes sense to integrate the systems across many channels. The systems MUST work together across e-commerce and marketing cloud - with personalization, email marketing, and automation.

This is where Adapt can help. Our focus is not only on helping you onto one of the world's best Customer Success Platforms. We also want to guide you with the more advanced parts of Salesforce, so you can activate your data and create a strong and seamless user experience and customer journey.


Doug Sisko

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