6 reasons why web accessibility is good for business

There are many advantages to making solutions with high web accessibility. Here, we’ll give you 6 reasons why web accessibility creates value for your business.

- 6. October 2022

6 Reasons Why Web Accessibility is Good for Business

There are many advantages to making solutions with high web accessibility. Here, we’ll give you 6 reasons why web accessibility creates value for your business:

1. Increased market share

Studies show that up to 20% of the population is digitally challenged and has difficulty using inaccessible websites. By making an accessible solution, you increase the number of people who can use your solution, thus potentially increasing your market share. 

2. Search engine optimization and increased traffic

Google and other search engines are focusing more and more on accessible websites. An accessible website requires: that you control your alt-texts and title tags; that you have a sitemap; that you use your headings properly; that you have descriptive links and captions; and that you keep your code semantic. An SEO expert will give you the same advice. In other words: Google rewards accessible websites, increasing the potential for traffic to your website.

3. Increased user-friendliness helps everyone

With an accessible website, you'll be able to offer your users more navigation options, sharper color contrasts (check out the Siteimprove Accessibility Explorer for help using color in an accessible way), clear decoding of icons, buttons links, input fields, and images. All elements that all people will benefit from - even those who do not have a permanent disability.
When we talk about web accessibility, we are not talking exclusively about disability, but also about other, often temporary, influences on our ability to access a digital solution. Whether it's our context, what environment we are in, what device we interact with, how physically and mentally exhausted we are, or other factors, it either affects the ability or quality of using a digital solution. All these points highlight the fact that web accessibility is hugely important to incorporate into your digital solution.

4. Increased conversion

The math is actually simple: Increased traffic (due to better placement in search results) + lower bounce rate (due to improved user-friendliness) = increased conversion (and potential profit).
As a rule, traffic to your site is good and more traffic is even better. However, if your site is not user-friendly, visitors will likely leave it again without achieving what they are after, which results in a high bounce rate. We do not want that. Working with web accessibility offers both improved SEO and increased user-friendliness, which will ensure more traffic and a lower bounce rate. This will, ultimately, lead to an increased conversion rate.

5. Structured and future-proof code

Semantic correct code is a way to categorize the page's content, making it easier for both people and computers to understand it. For example, it can help the browser understand what and where the headline and body text is. This, in turn, helps search engines present the most relevant content at the top of the results.
Lastly, with semantically correct code, you will also ensure that your digital solution is future-proof, as most new technologies, browsers, or browser updates focus increasingly on pages that can be read and understood by machine intelligence.

6. Increased customer satisfaction & brand awareness

By having a website that has a high level of user-friendliness and can be used by the 20% of the population who often face challenges in their Internet traffic, there is a good chance that you will increase customer satisfaction. This means that you have a good foundation for building a base of loyal customers who want to return to your website. This provides unique opportunities for generating positive brand awareness. Additionally, depending on the type of business you represent, you should use your focus on web accessibility as part of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy.
Read more about web accessibility in WCAG's guidelines or contact us for a talk about the potential for higher profitability for better web accessibility on your website.

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