A shipwreck and doing work with purpose

- 6. October 2022

As much as I would love to go explore shipwrecks for a living, Adapt doesn’t own too many museums and we usually don’t take on any marine restoration projects (trust me, I’m working on fitting it into next year’s budget). With that aside, as I walked around on the shore documenting these fragments of what used to make up something more, it made me think about how long the things we build stick around even after they are done being used. The things we make, whether physical or digital, take up space and continue to have an impact long after.

At Adapt, we are always asking ourselves thoughtful questions when taking on new projects. If we are going to “take up space” in the digital world, we insist on doing it in a way that will add value and refuse to add to the clutter. A great example of a company doing “it” right in the physical space is Patagonia. This is a company that stands by everything they make, isn’t afraid to stick to what they believe in, and has dug in their heels for the long game. While Adapt isn’t going to make every website or app flawless overnight, we are up for the challenge to build things that will make the digital space better for those who use it tomorrow, the next day, or ten years from now. So it sounds like we have some work on our to-do list before we get back to working on the ship, but that’s alright, it’s not going anywhere soon

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