Adapt's own Marco Villegas speaking at DrupalCon 2021

“With Drupal's 20th anniversary, it's more important than ever to talk about how teams can contribute to Drupal. I'm so excited to share this important topic at DrupalCon 2021.” Adapt is very proud of Marco and his work in the Open Source space.

- 6. October 2022

Adapt's own Marco Villegas speaking at DrupalCon 2021

Marco Villegas is a major contributor to Drupal and the overall open source community. Marco has been working with Drupal as a developer for years and has witnessed many changes. Adapt is very proud that Marco will be speaking at DrupalCon 2021.

A description from Marco about his talk is below.
Open source benefits so much from community collaboration. There are many different forms of contributions, but how sustainable they are can depend on the amount of people supporting them. Even in groups of the most popular open source projects, 65% of them have one or two main developers. A project without lead developers can slow down or die. This is likely more critical for the many small, open source projects. The Drupal ecosystem has a solid core community, a lot of extensions, and, among them, a long trail of contributed projects which are usually maintained by one person. This presentation explores the idea of team maintainership in the Drupal community while also looking at important experiences from other open source projects.
Marco's talk falls under the “Community Health” Track, and he will be speaking on Friday, April 16, from 18:00-18:15 UTC. The location of his talk will be in the "Hopin" - Room 2.

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