A gift universe built for the users

InterFlora came to us to get help, creating a brand new gift universe which had to designed as an inspiring user experience. Together we have created a website that guides the users through InterFloras impressive flower and gift universe in a personal and effortless way.

- 6. October 2022

The Purpose

InterFlora sat the bar high, which meant we were able to roll out the big guns. We got together with InterFlora to set the course for the endeavour they are embarking now and in the years to come. A strategy where InterFlora continously moves forward and constantly is able to improve their gift universe, step by step. Concretely, this means that they, from the first launch, are light years ahead of their competitors - and we only just got started. 

The Approach

We started the project with an extensive research phase in which we focused on the scope of the project from a UX, brand design and development perspective. It was paramount that all phases was listed and prioritized throughout, so we had a road map the entire project roll-out. From there, we plunged right into the design and development phase and built an InterFlora universe, offering thier customers a new and improved experience better than anything they could get anywhere else.


The site architecture is developed to handle extreme amounts of traffic and the system is fast and reliable in general, but the high performance is maintained even on peak days. The main focus was to structure and built our code to perform well and with stability and from this minimize all loading time. The Platform is built in Drupal 8 and creates an optimal checkout-flow and microscopic down-time.S


It was important to us that the user experience was an integral part of the solution from day one. This to pave the way for a synergy between performance and UX. We designed a personalised site with an optimised checkout-flow to ensuring a smooth customer journey from browse to buy.


Simple, clean and... ya, well... beautiful. We created a design that is inspiring and inviting for new users as well as returning users. We took inspiration from the magazine and blog world to recreate that look and the homely feel it brings to the table. We helped establish new guidelines in which the design is driven by gorgeous imagery, inspiring and attracting the customers.

The Solution

The key to being able to deliver on all the criterias set up with InterFlora was collaboration. The close relationship between our teams was the driving force behind the project, which enabled us to create a site with really centers the user and delivers a great user experience, regardless of device, time and place. 

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