Normal releases app in Finland.

Together, Adapt and Normal launched the first version of the Normal app in Denmark back in 2018. The vision was to create a marketing platform to connect, attract and retain their loyal customers.

- 6. October 2022

Normal had very little data and knowledge about their customers in retail. The original concept was named “Noget for noget” (quid pro quo) - We give you small gifts, trophies and games - in return you give us information about you and your consumer habits (creditcard as loyalty card). Straightforward, bold and honest! 

Last year we released the app in Norway and with millions of games played, and thousands of vouchers sent out, the app plays a very important part in driving traffic to their retail stores and collecting customer data.

The past month our mobile team has been working like crazy and last week the app was released in Finland. This brings the total connected retail stores to more than 200 .

On top of that we are launching a new frontpage with focus on engagement and loyalty progression. If you want to take a closer look at the new releases it's available in the app store now.

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