Remote Teamwork From the Viewpoint of an Adapt USA Creative

Working remotely is a shift that many individuals and companies have made within the past year. Learn more about the experience of an Adapt USA creative and how our team builds relationships while being at home in the article below.

- 6. October 2022

Remote Teamwork From the Viewpoint of an Adapt USA Creative

I have never shaken hands with one of my colleagues, waved while passing them in an office hallway, or had a coffee with them, but, somehow, I feel like I know them very well.
I remember when I was a child, my grandmother used to purchase physical, long-distance calling cards to speak with her family back in Sweden. Long-distance calls were a big deal. I still see them in the store from time to time, but I always wonder, who’s buying those? I was born in 1997 and used VHS tapes, cassettes, and portable CD players. My parents showed my sisters and me slides on their Kodak Carousel of their early vacations together. I remember getting our first Apple desktop computer when we brought it home and thinking my family had an “in” with NASA or something! With all that being said, now 23, I am living in a time where I can contact my friends and family across the Atlantic, for free, using countless apps on a device that can be brought along anywhere.
This is incredible, and although much of the world has become accustomed to this kind of technology and what it can do for us, it is nothing short of amazing. With about half of the world without access to the internet, it sure puts all that we are able to do into perspective. 
It has been almost a year since I have returned home from studying abroad in Ireland, but because of all of this technology, I have been able to stay in touch with the friends I made who live all over Europe. We are able to talk, laugh, and hear how one another is doing. Covid and long-distance friendships, in general, have taught me that staying in touch is more than seeing someone in the flesh.
Every Friday, my colleagues have a team meeting. Although it is for work, being able to see each other in one group and riff at the end of the week is a beautiful thing. We talk about how projects are going and what we can do to help each other, but it somehow always goes back to a coffee-related topic. Our team is scattered all over the world, and without the need to be based in the same city, there are no limits on who can be part of the team. Working remotely also eliminates the possibility of being stressed out over a commute. This helps both the team’s overall energy while also lowering the carbon footprint of Adapt, which is a focus of ours as we continually think about how we can do better both as a company and as individuals.
From the first meeting I had with Adapt, I was so pleased with the level of understanding we all had for each other as we deal with working from home during Covid-19 and the complications that come with it. The people who make up the team show up to do their part and show respect for others while doing so, and not much else matters. This demonstrates an enormous amount of integrity.
This is not to say that there are no downsides to remote work, but there is give and take with any change. I don’t believe there will ever be a one for one replacement for in-person interaction, and small group meetings can be more dynamic in person. It also should not be ignored that a physical office comes with an atmosphere and the ability to see colleagues outside of work more easily. Nevertheless, what can be accomplished virtually is pretty incredible, and Covid-19 is a testament to that. We are seeing countless companies which were never remote, still being very productive. More importantly, what remote employees can do with their time which would be spent commuting might mean more time with their families, making health a priority, or simply taking a walk to start or end their day. 
I look forward to meeting my team in person, and hopefully, it can be soon. However, for now, Adapt USA is having fun, and getting meaningful work done while never having to step foot in an office.
Lastly, look out for each other out there and stay safe. All the best from Adapt USA:)

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