How We Work

with you and your business

Instead of tying you to one suite vendor, we'll talk to identify your exact needs and what’s critical to your business. Based on that, we mix and match best-of-breed vendors from an ecosystem of top-tier microservices. This approach enables us to shape an agile and scalable tech foundation that lets you innovate as time and trends change.

We are witnessing an accelerated change in customer behavior which calls for new organizational and technological strategies. Brands need to be able to grow their digital business in a time when customer journeys are increasingly fragmented, and new touchpoints and opportunities are emerging faster than ever.

We don’t shy away from suite vendors, especially if it’s best for your business, but we find inspiration in the MACH approach. What’s that, you ask? Microservices, API-first, Cloud-based and Headless.

This approach and its technology enable us to create an ecosystem of top-tier microservices that make your business shine.

Most business-critical solutions require integrations with an array of external systems. An API-first approach makes these integrations the core of the solution rather than an appendix that requires the bending and shaping of a too big, solve-it-all kind of system.

Sketch of MACH

Trust the Process

Every project is different. We know this from experience. However, it's still important to build a process, a modus operandi, for the way we attack a project. In this model, we let you explore how we work.

With more than 130 digital specialists at Adapt, we cover a wide variety of digital disciplines. UX and design, development, commerce, digital marketing - we do it all.

We rely heavily on an interdisciplinary approach as the best digital solutions are created at the intersection of these teams.

Multidisciplinary teams

When collaborating with Adapt, you’ll always have the same core team who knows you, your organization, your solution, and your business. We’ll start with a team of experts who can help you build the core digital foundation, and we’ll add more insights if needs arise.

Tech Stack

To support our approach and how we work, we have handpicked a best-of-breed tech stack, which lets us to turn theory into practice when building agile and scalable digital platforms.


Our preferred technologies for a modern best-of-breed tech stack

And for a more traditional approach we are very comfortable with

We partner with

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