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Mobile phone with Optivio application open





Identify and overcome

The OPTIVIO team is working hard behind the scenes, in preparation for the public launch of their enterprise solution, making scientifically proven biofeedback performance training techniques accessible to companies and employees across the world.

Everyone should be able to master the skills they need to perform at their best, whenever and whatever challenges they face.

What we did

Two apps were developed: one for the Garmin smartwatch and one for Android phones, based on the Garmin Standard SDK. A communication mechanism was developed for the devices to communicate using a broadcast receiver. This method allows the app to be launched remotely from the phone to the smartwatch and vice versa. However, this was not optimal as no data was available when the Garmin device was in standby mode. After further investigation, a new Android app was developed using the Garmin Companion SDK.

The results

  1. Our approach allowed the data to be obtained without any intervention of the smartwatch

  2. The data can be logged and downloaded to the phone using the background connection of the smartwatch