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Platform migration


We took Workhuman’s previous CMS and created an even better experience in Contentful, this time without technical debt and the manual work of recreating large chunks of content.

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Climate change is no joke. It's one of the most pressing issues humans are facing right now, and while solutions can feel far beyond our ability, even small individual efforts can make a huge difference. That's why Rare.org, with its mission to protect our environment, wanted to create a digital space where regular people could fund projects that fight climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

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Project roadmaps


Precision Digital needed a new site for their corporation, ExDirect, an industry-leading manufacturer of explosion-proof instrument enclosures. (If it sounds cool, trust us, it is.)

In our collaboration with Precision Digital and ExDirect, we built a new dynamic site with a truly unique CMS. We couldn’t be happier with the progress made, and we’re excited for what’s to come. Check it out >>

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Solutions consulting



edX has an incredible bank of courses. From professional certificates to master’s degrees, there’s something for every learner. But, the classes are only helpful if learners can find them. edX and 2U tasked Adapt with helping the team gain new learners and improve the site’s performance using Contentful.


The OPTIVIO team is working hard behind the scenes, in preparation for the public launch of their enterprise solution, making scientifically proven biofeedback performance training techniques accessible to companies and employees across the world.

Everyone should be able to master the skills they need to perform at their best, whenever and whatever challenges they face.

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While employees are often thought of as a cost, Workhuman knows they are an investment and are critical to the success of any team. In our collaboration with Workhuman, we built a user-friendly calculator and sales tool that clearly and quickly demonstrates Workhuman's value to potential clients.

Higher Ed

Our friends at a large university came to us with a problem that is shared by many large organizations. How can a technology group that is tasked with managing a large number of individual web properties do so in a way that is efficient?

Workhuman Live, May 16 - 19 2022 | Atlanta

Workhuman is a leader in the human resources space, providing human workplace tools and solutions that increase belonging, performance, retention, and engagement. Workhuman Live (WHL) is an annual in-person conference offering a variety of unique content tracks and over a dozen expert speakers. Adapt began our adventure with the WHL team by working in close collaboration with design, copy, and building the custom conference website for 2022.

Sound Dollar

Sound Dollar has one objective: to help people everywhere achieve their own version of financial health and happiness. They simplify the process of hitting your money goals through simple, step-by-step plans and clear, actionable recommendations.