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Go for Global RepTrak 100!

We're thrilled to showcase the successful launch of the redesigned landing page for the prestigious Global RepTrak 100 Report by our cross-border team from the US, Lithuania, and Denmark! This project, executed on a tight timeline, involved a complete overhaul of the landing page on their Contentful site. RepTrak's excitement about the new design underscores the significance of this achievement, especially since the Global RepTrak 100 is their premier lead generator for the year.

The Client

The RepTrak Company™ is a leading provider of reputation data and insights, helping organizations around the world understand and improve their corporate reputation. For over a decade, RepTrak has been a trusted source for measuring and analyzing how stakeholders perceive and interact with companies. Their flagship report, the Global RepTrak 100, is an annual definitive ranking of corporate reputation for the world’s leading companies, showcasing how stakeholders feel, think, and act towards these companies globally.

By leveraging data-driven insights, RepTrak helps businesses manage their reputation effectively, enabling them to build trust and drive business success. The Global RepTrak 100 is a testament to RepTrak's commitment to celebrating global reputation leaders and providing valuable benchmarks for corporate reputation management.

Why the Global RepTrak 100 was so important

The Global RepTrak 100 report is crucial for RepTrak as it signifies their position as a leader in reputation data and insights. By providing that definitive ranking of the world's most reputable companies, RepTrak enhances its credibility and authority in the field of corporate reputation management. This report serves as a key differentiator for RepTrak, attracting businesses that seek reliable and comprehensive reputation insights to drive their strategic decisions and improve stakeholder relationships.

Moreover, the Global RepTrak 100 report enables RepTrak to showcase the value of their data-driven approach to reputation management. The detailed analysis and insights offered in the report demonstrate RepTrak's expertise in understanding and measuring corporate reputation, reinforcing their role as a trusted advisor to businesses worldwide.

Adapt Visits RepTrak in Boston

Understanding the importance of this report, we wasted no time working closely with their team to deliver a landing page worthy of being their highest lead generator. We even visited their Boston office for tailored workshops geared toward upskilling their internal teams and ensuring the longevity of their success with Contentful.

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Satisfied Partners

With a fast-approaching deadline on the horizon, we delivered a complete project just in time for RepTrak to name The LEGO Group as the most reputable company of 2024. (Danish companies like us are all the rage!)

Adapt ensures our clients stay at the forefront of their industries with robust, fast loading, and user-friendly website designs. Check out the Global RepTrak 100 to see if your company made the list.

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