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While employees are often thought of as a cost, Workhuman knows they are an investment and are critical to the success of any team. In our collaboration with Workhuman, we built a user-friendly calculator and sales tool that clearly and quickly demonstrates Workhuman's value to potential clients.

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What we did

Before we took on this project, there were only a few people at Workhuman who understood how to calculate the true cost of poor employee retention and high turnover rates. These calculations, which are important for driving sales conversions, were previously performed via spreadsheet. Adapt created a calculator for the Workhuman sales team to quickly and easily demonstrate the cost savings of improving employee retention. 

Automating the process made retention calculations significantly more user-friendly, and this process is now being used across the company to drive conversions. Data from the calculator can be generated into a shareable, easily scanned PDF for clients and is stored on the backend to be revisited

The results

  1. Increased sales conversions
  2. Modular-based sales tool using best-of-breed, decoupled architecture
  3. User-experience improvements, making training for onboarding faster and improving the overall ease of use

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