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a image of conference attendees at the WorkHuman Live 2022 event


Workhuman Live



Without the human, it’s just work

Workhuman is a leader in the human resources space, providing human workplace tools and solutions that increase belonging, performance, retention, and engagement. Workhuman Live (WHL) is an annual in-person conference offering a variety of unique content tracks and over a dozen expert speakers. Adapt began our adventure with the WHL team by working in close collaboration with design, copy, and building the custom conference website for 2022.

What we did

Our collaboration with WHL on this project was so invigorating, in part, for its unique challenges: launching a conference during the continuing global pandemic, a site-wide design pivot after the initial launch, and truncated timelines due to these variables and the urgency to help this conference succeed during times of uncertainty. Phase one was originally slated for about 8 weeks of development work but was ultimately compressed into less than 4, with critical deadlines. After the successful initial launch of the site, Workhuman adapted to the changing needs of their audience, including a redesign across the site. The Adapt team was ready to meet these challenges alongside Workhuman!

The results

  1. Leveraging agile methodology: Adapt provided flexible, rolling results and acted on feedback immediately, ensuring we accommodated tight turnarounds and implemented the new redesign, which meant relaunching all existing pages and building new ones

  2. By utilizing componentization the engineers developed with design, this project significantly advanced development and reduced redundant effort

  3. Today, the website is live and the Adapt team is excited to continue supporting WHL as they identify new needs, keynote speakers, sessions, and events for the site up to their conference in Atlanta May 16-19 2022.