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Catch Carbon


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Personal Climate Action Has Never Been Easier

Climate change is no joke. It's one of the most pressing issues humans are facing right now, and while solutions can feel far beyond our ability, even small individual efforts can make a huge difference. That's why Rare.org, with its mission to protect our environment, wanted to create a digital space where regular people could fund projects that fight climate change and reduce carbon emissions.


Buying carbon offsets is a great way for folks to make a real difference in slowing down climate change. There’s only one problem, not everyone is familiar with what carbon offsets are, why they make a difference, or how to purchase them.

Catch Carbon bridges that gap.

This was unexplored territory, nobody has ever done something quite like this before. That’s why we love this project so much.

We teamed up with the creative minds at Oomph to tackle this challenge head-on. Together, we worked our magic and designed and built a version of the website in record time so that Rare could test, learn, and improve on the fly. In the end, we got this exciting project out to the world in less than three months!

The Client

Catch Carbon is powered by Rare. Rare is a renowned organization spearheading behavior change efforts in the field of conservation. With a remarkable history spanning over 40 years and 60 countries, Rare has successfully motivated individuals, communities, and local leaders to adopt behaviors that yield benefits for both people and nature. As an agency focused on sustainable digital solutions, we knew this was a client we’d get along with ;)

The Project

Rare needed a new platform that would let them publish content quickly, ensure consistency in design and messaging, and provide an easy-to-use editorial interface.

What we did:

  • We evaluated the problems and concerns with their existing tech stack. This project needed a modern platform that can store and structure content for future scaling, and unify content across all digital landscapes.

  • We knew this project would be a good fit for Contentful, a headless CMS that would make launching new content even easier and lend itself well to Catch Carbon’s powerful mission. 

  • We recommended a new tech stack and platform (React and Contentful) to host their site.

  • We worked closely with Rare and Oomph to design theming and UI/UX to create a compelling experience for visitors. 

  • Next, leveraging their existing API, we worked side-by-side with their internal developers to expand it. 

We moved the project to Contentful and completed all of the front-end development to implement the beautiful new design and finished up the back-end development to hook up all the wires under the hood.

Oomph played a major part too, read in detail about their contributions here.

The Results

The result is this brand-new website on a new headless CMS to keep them relevant and in best practices in a budget-friendly way. (It’s tough out there to find affordable exceptional digital experiences for nonprofits!)

The launch was a big leap forward for the voluntary carbon credit market, making it easier than ever for people to participate in meaningful climate action.

As an agency that closely aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Adapt is committed to making our world healthy and accessible for all. This collaboration with Rare holds a special place in our hearts, as it has allowed us to make a meaningful impact in building a better world.

It's nice to have a partnership [with Adapt] where you guys are so honest, straightforward, hardworking, and thoughtful.
Catch Carbon

What's Next?

Consider a tax-deductible donation of less than $12 per month (the typical cost to offset the average American's footprint) to Catch Carbon. Even this simple action can make a big difference.

Check out the new site here.