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Precision Digital


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Creating a Strong Digital Foundation For Future Growth

Precision Digital needed a new site for their corporation, ExDirect, an industry-leading manufacturer of explosion-proof instrument enclosures. (If it sounds cool, trust us, it is.)

In our collaboration with Precision Digital and ExDirect, we built a new dynamic site with a truly unique CMS. We couldn’t be happier with the progress made, and we’re excited for what’s to come.

The Client

Precision Digital is a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of digital displays and control instruments utilized in industrial processes worldwide. ExDirect, the company whose site we just launched, is a Precision Digital Corporation.

Adapt was asked to complete the unique task of designing a new site that used Salesforce as a CMS. We know, we know, Salesforce as a CMS?! But this update would keep Precision Digital’s System of Record in use and still create a dynamic site since Salesforce is already used by other systems. Challenge accepted!

The Project

The former website, Exdirect.biz, was a simple HTML build, and we needed to design something dynamic and entirely new. The new system was built on top of a Laravel framework, and it is intended to have e-commerce functionality in the near future. We created integrations with SalesForce that allow for data synchronization, mainly from SalesForce to the Laravel database.

“Given the special integration requirements with SalesForce, this has been an interesting project to work on,” says Jesse Day, our Techincal Director, “Most of the site’s internal operations happen on SalesForce, and the site only interacts with a subset of that data.”

Today ExDirect.com is live!

What's Next?

Even though we just launched, we’re continuing to develop more functionality with the goal of making it a full e-commerce site. Including possibly using a third-party service to add several commerce-related functionalities like online shopping carts, checkout features, and payment handling.

As for the work done so far, Precision Digital is excited, and ExDirect's editors are a lot happier. The new dynamic site means that data no longer needs to be kept in sync across two places, it’s all together.


Celebration is in order as we proudly announce the successful launch of the highly anticipated e-commerce component of ExDirect!

This remarkable project transformed the Laravel-based site into a powerhouse that seamlessly integrates with multiple platforms, including SalesForce and Auth0. However, the real game-changer is the new integration with Foxycart, which has unlocked a world of possibilities for customers. Now, not only can they explore the ExDirect website for information, but they can also shop directly with ease and convenience.

Explore the shop here and enjoy!