A simple check-out flow based on conversational UI

With more than three million customers, Tryg is one of the biggest insurance companies in Scandinavia and their digital business is growing. We teamed up with them to develop an online version og "Tryghedspakken" - The security package with a sharp focus on the user experience in an otherwise very complex product.

A screen recording of Tryg's new checkout flow

The Purpose

Tryg wanted to give potential clients the oppurtunity to buy Tryg's products online - especially their Security package, which is a combination of multiple products that enables the customer to bundle his or her insurance purchase and through this obtain discounts. The simplicity of the product was not visible in the original digital solution. Therefore, it was a major focus to break down the complexity and to create a positive and easily understandable user experience from the start.

The Approach

The task was first and foremost to create a simpler and more understandable shopping experience, which simultaneously needed to fit into all off Tryg's universe. Conversational design became the framework for the new purchase flow, where the user is asked questions, which guide them through the process step-by-step. In this process, we managed to perform a thorough clean-up in Tryg's data and to design a solution which fits the majority of the Danish population. Actually, we managed to reduce and streamline the purchase flow from 32 step to eight steps.

The Solution

With Tryg we have build a foundation from where they can sell all of their insurances online and we started by solving the most complex challenge. Tryg now has a simple and understandable purchase flow build in React, enabling potential customers to service themselves online. This means that they have an easy-access online purchaseflow, which have reduced the amount of calls to customer service. 

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Our close collaboration with Adapt meant that there was a clear division of roles from the start. This gave us the opportunity for quick execution, which was our wish from the start. We are very pleased with the result and highly recommend Adapt as a digital partner.
Jens Petersen, Online Chief, Tryg