Adapt's Global Family | Lithuania Spotlight: Gabija Kozlovskė

Part of Adapt’s digital prowess comes from our ability to draw from many cultures and backgrounds, one of the many benefits of an international organization. In addition to our US office, we have offices in Lithuania, a home base in Denmark, and even a team in Peru! This week, we wanted to highlight a near and dear family member all the way from Lithuania, Gabija Kozlovskė.

Adapt's Global Family | Lithuania Spotlight: Gabija Kozlovskė featured image

Where to start?

Gabija's journey with Adapt began in 2016 when she joined a small team as an intern and became the pioneering woman of the Adapt Lithuania office. Initially perceived as a temporary engagement, especially since Gabija had never seen herself working in IT, her exceptional talent, adaptability, and strong passion for her daily tasks quickly convinced Adapt's management that she deserved further opportunities to excel in communication, decision-making, and problem-solving. Her subsequent transition from assisting in project management to leading the company's core project teams swiftly earned Gabija respect from many colleagues and ultimately secured her a position on the management team.

When I started working at Adapt, I was the only woman for quite a while, but I never felt uncomfortable or disrespected. On the contrary, I was always supported by my colleagues, and they all helped me grow immensely. We treat specialists based on their knowledge and character, not their gender, and I believe that's how an inclusive and supportive organization should be. For other women in IT, I would say: trust and believe in yourself. We can bring so much to any work we do, and we should be proud of it.
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Words of advice?

If you ask Gabija, being a good Project Manager requires skills akin to that of a psychologist, especially in fostering trust within the team and with clients. One of her biggest challenges was building that trust from scratch when assigned to a project with an established team of a few years. Taking the time and energy to build relationships and create open paths for communication will always pay off. In Gabija’s case, collaborating with the client as a team member and experimenting as partners was immensely successful and rewarding. Witnessing ideas transform into valuable outcomes, supported by the trust of both the team and clients, is a truly fulfilling experience.

Personality check!

Beyond the world of Project Management, Gabija's sociable and warm personality is a highlight of both colleague and client interactions. An avid traveler, outdoor enthusiast, and animal lover, Gabija's vibrant spirit inspires others to appreciate the beauty of life around them.

Oh, we almost forgot. Before becoming our “Project Management All-Star,” Gabija was a member of a famous kids’ music band during her school years! How cool is that? I guess we should change All-Star to Rockstar! Keep rockin’ Gabija!