The Game-Changing Capabilities of a Tailored Contentful App

How our developer Tomas Leonavičius’ Contentful app can transform brand cohesion

a person points to code displayed on their computer screen

A good website amplifies your brand's visual identity, but a great website makes sure that your visual identity is seamless across all platforms and pages. We’re thrilled to share that having a great website is easier than ever thanks to this Contentful app from our team.Our front-end developer, Tomas Leonavičius, crafted an app that allows your whole team to align on your brand’s color design system when using a Contentful-powered website.Contentful is a cutting-edge composable content management platform that empowers organizations to seamlessly manage and distribute their digital content across various channels. This app from Tomas will not only help developers and creatives work together, but it will also foster consistent and unified branding across all touchpoints.

So what is this app?

This is an additional application that you can install to Contentful (name pending btw!). It helps your whole team, developers, designers, and content creators align on your color design system.

The current Contentful color picker had some flaws and missing functionality. For example, under the hood, Contentful’s default color picker stores and uses the HEX value of a color, but in most cases, developers and designers care more about the label value of a color. So instead of #416dff hex value, you can easily see blue-500. It’s also easier for developers (or just the Contentful space admin) to add validations to color fields since you don’t need to remember the hex codes, you can just use the label values.

Another concern was the grouping of the colors. When you have 50+ colors in your Contentful app, it can get tricky when a developer needs to go into the settings and edit a single color.

The app is open source, and any developer can add it to their Contentful application, but it’s not released in the official Contentful marketplace… yet!

What’s next?

The next steps would be to clean up the codebase a little bit, expand on the documentation, fix a couple of bugs here and there, and then figure out how to release it to the marketplace for wide use.

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