Yes, Websites Have a Carbon Footprint!

The digital world can feel intangible, but the internet has a large carbon footprint.

- 6. October 2022

Happy Cyber Monday! With the holiday season officially beginning, we thought it would be a great day to remind you why we do what we do.

The digital world can feel intangible and low-impact, but the internet has a large carbon footprint. It currently accounts for 4% of all greenhouse gases; unfortunately, that number is only going up.

The folks over at Wholegrain Digital have been refining a method for calculating the carbon emissions of a website. Their hope (and ours!) is that this encourages eco-friendly approaches throughout the web design industry.

Don’t worry; sustainable websites can still be beautiful. Through the use of compressed images, efficient file formats, lightweight fonts, and less bloated frameworks, we can create a more sustainable, beautiful internet for everyone!  

Curious to see how your favorite websites stack up? TEST THEM HERE

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