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Aerospike Rebrand


Aerospike - Modern Digital Storytelling With Contentful


Migration, Brand Design, Strategy

Aerospike Achieves Digital Unity

As key figures in the NoSQL database market, Aerospike recognized an opportunity to enhance its online presence. Despite their renown, their website needed more clarity to capture conversion rates fitting for a brand in the spotlight of their digital industry.

Adapt and Aerospike decided that a migration to headless CMS with Contentful would achieve their goal of restructuring their company’s digital presence with cohesiveness and speed.

The Client

Specializing in high-performance NoSQL databases and known for their speed, scalability, and reliability in handling large volumes of data in real-time applications, Aerospike’s database technology is designed to meet the demands of modern data-intensive applications.

The company's platform offers features such as strong consistency, high availability, and automatic failover to ensure continuous operations even in the event of hardware failures or network issues. Aerospike also provides tools and integrations to support analytics, monitoring, and management of the database environment, empowering developers and operations teams to optimize performance and scalability.

We were blown away by Aerospike’s ingenuity, daring spirit, and cutting-edge technology. It goes without saying that we jumped at the opportunity to work with them.

Throughout the process, I was impressed by the ways Aerospike would experiment with it’s database. That fits how Adapt approaches our projects: open-minded and ready to break the mold.
Jesse Day, Technical Director at Adapt


Think of a NoSQL database as a big, organized digital filing cabinet for storing different kinds of information. Traditional databases are like organized spreadsheets where everything is neatly arranged in rows and columns, making it easy to find specific information. However, NoSQL databases are a bit different. They are designed to handle different types of data (like text, numbers, pictures, and more) and can store huge amounts of it very quickly. They're kind of like a super-fast and flexible digital storage system.

Headless CMS functions similarly, allowing content managers to view and manage content of all forms easily and from one place. Under the guidance of Adapt’s team, Aerospike decided that a migration to a headless CMS with Contentful was the right option. This decision, along with brand redesign, consistent messaging, and more were all instrumental parts of Aerospike’s digital revolution.

Aerospike Revamp

The Project

Aerospike needed a new platform to provide:

  • Consistent, clean rebranding

  • Increases in speed & efficiency

  • An enhanced user/client experience

  • Streamlined communication with clients.

Aerospike Landing Page

The result is a totally remastered headless CMS website, providing them the foundation needed for continued success and reputability. Adapt was able to work side by side with Aerospike to give them a refresh that tells a story.

Aerospike Logo on Blue Background

Aerospike is one ship you don't want to miss.

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