The Latest From Our Digital Sustainability Impact Team

Follow along as we chronicle our digital sustainability efforts

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As an agency aimed at creating smart and scalable digital solutions, we must help our clients recognize their digital footprints' environmental, social, and economic implications. We’ve talked a bit about our digital sustainability efforts and are back now to update you on our progress!Embracing digital sustainability is crucial to the coexistence of technology and our planet, so please join us as we explore digital practices' pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable future!

We Have a Name!

After a few brainstorming sessions, our internal team has arrived at a name that embodies our collective goals. Meet the Digital Sustainability Impact Team. The name is simple, straightforward, and efficient–just like us!Anyone who has had to name a project knows that picking a name may start as fun, but it can quickly become difficult. We went back and forth for a few weeks before finally landing on one we all liked. We wanted to strike a balance between creativity and clarity, ensuring that our team name encapsulated our initiative's essence while being easily understandable and, let’s face it, not sounding like a Little League team.

Guiding New Clients in Digital Sustainability

We want to create a concise way for new and existing clients to get a look at their digital impact, something that we can use in tandem with our sprints and when creating a roadmap for new projects. We especially wanted this to encompass our alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.When designing the concept we planned to show new clients, we realized we needed to take a small step backward and develop a more introductory deck. It should be something like a “starter pack” for a prospect or partner who is interested in digital sustainability but not fluent in why digital sustainability is important for their business.We’re excited to say that we’re close to the final version of the cursory Digital Impact Guide. It discusses why digital sustainability is essential and what metrics we can use to determine a website’s impact, all without judging or shaming a client’s current website.Stay tuned for more on this guide!

Have a More Digitally Sustainable Summer

The summer is flying by, but it’s not over yet! We hope you have some well-earned vacation days coming up and we want to remind you that there are ways to be more digitally sustainable, especially on vacation.Here are some super easy ways to save power and reduce your digital carbon footprint:

  • Clear out your inbox: Unsubscribe to email newsletters you don’t read. No need to take up power on something you’ll never look at!

  • Put a pause on streaming: Use WiFi and switch off mobile data. Cellular networks use more energy than WiFi. Try downloading your favorite albums ahead of time and reduce your streaming time.

  • Turn down the lights: Lower your monitor brightness and switch to dark mode – This isn’t guaranteed to always save battery life, but it can help.

  • Unplug: Leave your devices behind and try screen-free activities – it’s vacation after all!